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Meramour’s Guide to The Body-Feedback Acupuncture System provides a contemporary approach for integrating classical Chinese medical theory with today’s healthcare needs. The Body-Feedback system organizes the fundamentals of acupuncture, including ancient point classifications, the five types of pathogenic heat, meridian palpation techniques, pulse diagnosis, and the natural progression of healing, into a step-by-step system that provides superior treatment results. 

The treatment approach consists of three distinct stages: pre-treatment planning, treatment, and post-treatment to use with every client. Five-element color-coding throughout the entire book simplifies the learning process.  Detailed case studies demonstrate the treatment steps. Throughout this book, classical Chinese medical theory and practical application correlate with current healthcare trends to create a new approach to holistic healing.  

Specifications: Hardcover, perfect bound, 8.5 x 11, 568 pages, retail price $149.00 plus $6 shipping inside the continental United States and $18 shipping outside of the continental United States.



Winner of 2020’s Best New Aromatherapy Book in London’s  Spirit and Soul Book Awards! 
Higher Vibrational Living through Astrology, Essential Oils, and Chinese Medicine utilizes your astrological birth chart as a way to honor your uniqueness, understand your life themes, and provide tools for overcoming challenges and vulnerabilities. Essential oils, acupressure points, and powerful affirmations provide access to taking charge of your own healing process.

This book will guide you step by step through the process of understanding your astrology chart, using essential oils based on your chart, and applying them to balance your acupuncture meridian system. By integrating astrology, Chinese medicine, and essential oils, you learn how to increase your vibrational level to break free from old unhealthy patterns and move into higher consciousness. You will find a path to healing and personal transformation through increasing your self-awareness, raising your vibrational level, and harnessing your full potential.

Specifications: Softcover, perfect bound, 6 x 9, 334 pages, retail price $19.95, free shipping.




Meramour’s Guide to Supporting Your Acupuncture Meridian System teaches self-care techniques for choosing foods, supplements, and essential oils using basic pulse diagnosis and Body-Feedback testing techniques. The testing locations reveal health challenges, genetic influences, trauma, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins that cause meridian imbalances or organ dysfunction. By checking these testing locations for discomfort and muscle tightness, anyone can learn to monitor health using the acupuncture meridian system and choose the best foods, supplements, and essential oils for support.

Specifications: Softcover, wire bound, 8.5 x 11, 100 pages, retail price $39.99, free shipping.

Practitioners can contact for bulk orders at wholesale prices to provide for clients learning Body-Feedback self-care techniques and participants attending Body-Feedback workshops. Wholesale orders require a minimum of six books.



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