Self-Care is the Best Health-Care

Understand your individual needs with Body-Feedback techniques

The Body-Feedback self-care classes will help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle while supporting targeted systems in your body. By using Body-Feedback techniques to best support your individual needs, you will confidently choose the Young Living essential oils and products that have the greatest benefit to your overall health.

By combining the self-care classes with Meramour’s Guide to Supporting Your Acupuncture Meridian System, you will learn how to identify meridian imbalances and harmonize the meridian system using essential oils, nutritional supplements, and foods. Each class contains a Body-Feedback questionnaire to help you identify the meridians to support first with recommended essential oils and products.

The meridian system corresponds to different systems of the body such as the digestive, endocrine, and immune system. The Body-Feedback online classes follow a specific order to supporting the meridian and corresponding body systems. This approach ensures success by removing obstacles or blocked energies that negatively impact the targetted systems of the body. Following the order below is highly recommended and will ensure the best results. The classes build upon each other to create an optimal foundation for healing.

Body-Feedback Online Self-Care Classes

The online classes will be made available to you on a monthly basis from the time you enrolled in this membership. By working with each class for a month, you will have time to order the essential oils or products and experience the benefits that each class focuses on. Over the next six-months, you will new techniques to nourish your body, mind, and soul with grace and ease.

  • Month one – Detoxification Support and Weight Management
  • Month two – Immune System Support
  • Month three – Longevity through Adrenal Health
  • Month four – Supporting the Muscular-Skeletal System
  • Month five – Optimizing Hormones for Cycling Women, Menopausal Women, and Men
  • Month six – Emotional and Spiritual Wellness

Meramour’s Guide to Supporting the Acupuncture Meridian System is the required text for this online class series.

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The online classes and book will teach you how to improve your health by choosing foods, supplements, and essential oils using basic pulse diagnosis and muscle-testing techniques. Health challenges, genetic influences, trauma, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins can create imbalances or weaknesses in the acupuncture meridian system. By incorporating these techniques every day, you will encourage self-healing and regeneration to improve your quality of life.