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The Essential Education Membership offers something for everyone. Here you will find basic information on using essential oils and ideas for choosing them based on your individual needs.

The information here will help you along your path to improved health – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Great achievements in your life are possible when you combine Young Living essential oils and products with a positive intention and a healthy lifestyle.

Business builders can include the Essential Oil Basics for Everyone when hosting home parties or introductory workshops. Group leaders can use the workshop format and the handouts to create study groups, make-and-take sessions, and continuing education for their downline members. 

May Body-Feedback nourish your body, mind, and soul with grace and ease


Essential Oil Basics for Everyone

General helpful information

Where to start with your starter kit

  • Everday Oils for Everyday Uses
  • Everday Oils for Everyday Athletes
  • Everday Oils for Everday Emotions

Essential Oil Online Workshops

Workshops for Everyone:

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