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Holistic Care for Optimal Health

Individualized Healthcare Services

Are you ready to be heard like you should be by your health care providers? Services provided by Michelle Meramour are customized to your lifestyle, needs, and budget using her Body-Feedback system for exceptional results. Creating a healing path that is both effective and efficient requires an individualized approach based on what your body is trying to tell you. Body-Feedback techniques quickly identify imbalances in the acupuncture meridians that are compromising health and the best course of action for repairing your health.

Through testing Body-Feedback areas, your body will identify which acupuncture points, essential oils, nutritional supplements, and herbs provide the best support for both acute imbalances and constitutional weaknesses. Body-Feedback techniques are also used to monitor treatment approaches to ensure success or indicate when a different approach may be needed. Improvement in the Body-Feedback areas will occur within three days when the correct treatment approach is utilized. If you are not feeling improvement within a week, then a re-evaluation of current treatment approach is warranted.

Understand Your Body’s Needs

Michelle Meramour’s Body-Feedback™ system will help you better understand what your body’s needs are by monitoring changes in discomfort, tension, tightness, in Body-Feedback areas. Based on your Body’s response to acupuncture points, essential oils, nutritional supplements, and Chinese herbs, Michelle will let you know which approach is most effective for your path to optimal health. Michelle thoroughly explains her findings in an easy to understand way and reviews the benefits of each treatment approach. Together you and Michelle will create a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle and budget while providing quick results.

Learn the best way to nourish your body, mind, and soul with Body-Feedback™

Services offered by Michelle Meramour include:

Japanese-style Acupuncture

  • Gentle needing techniques
  • Magnet therapy
  • Palpation-based diagnosis

Functional Medicine Consultations

  • DNA evaluation of gene mutations
  • Review of common laboratory testing
  • Customized nutrition with food intolerance testing

Body-Feedback Consultations

  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils
  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • Nutritional supplements

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