Massage Therapy and Yoga

with Body-Feedback and Young Living

Training with Michelle Meramour’s Body-Feedback style of muscle testing will transform your practice within weeks. Your clients will feel measurable changes immediately and the long-term results are sustainable when using beneficial essential oils and supplements determined by the Body-Feedback testing. 

Using the Body-Feedback techniques, you will learn to quickly identify imbalances and weaknesses in the muscular-skeletal system that impedes the self-healing process. With confidence, you will know how to choose the best essential oils and supplements for your clients.

Network marking is the business model of today and the future for the self-employed. Young Living provides the highest quality products available today that literally sell themselves. When combined with Body-Feedback testing techniques, you will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the essential oils and the superior quality of Young Living. Your income will continue to grow with loyal clients who spend their health-care dollars wisely.

Referrals will come quickly from your clients as they see immediate success. Essential oil consumers always share with others when they find a practitioner who knows how to effectively use the essential oils and supplements. Adding the Body-Feedback techniques to your practice will bring you proven success and prosperity while honoring the highest ethical values.

Online class handouts to download

Body-Feedback for Massage Therapy and Yoga Class Notes

Master Summary For Massage Therapy and Yoga

Massage Therapy and Yoga Oil Matrix

Basic Body-Feedback Assessment Forms (general and emotional health)

Massage and Yoga Body-Feedback Assessment Form (exercise and muscular-skeletal health)


Body-Feedback Basics   

Body-Feedback Location Videos

The Initial Body-Feedback Appointment

Structuring Follow-up Appointments

Adding Essential Oils to Yoga Classes

Body-Feedback with Essential Oils & Supplements

Part 2 of this series includes single essential oils, essential oil blends, massage oils, Regenolone lotion, and nutritional supplements that support the muscular-skeletal system

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