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Surprising facts about Michelle

Michelle’s life has been blessed with a loving and supportive family, a thriving career with caring and wonderful clients, teaching and mentoring opportunities with colleagues and students, and the opportunity to live out her higher purpose.

Michelle cares deeply about her community and family. Her life’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for everyone she comes in contact with, even if he/she/they are a waitress, clerk at a grocery store, or her closest family members. Michelle regularly participates in personal and professional development seminars to continually enhance her life.

Michelle’s life calling is to be of service to the community, provide the highest quality holistic healthcare available, and share knowledge with others so they can do the same. Michelle stays current and researches the latest healthcare topics to integrate them into her Body-Feedback system. Michelle’s cutting-edge approach to wellness keeps everyone continually learning.


Michelle “Shelly” Steffens

Michelle Suzy Steffens


Michelle Steffens was born 7/19/1969 in Chicago, IL, and grew up in Evanston, IL, until age 14, when she moved to Clearwater, FL. Michelle suffered from numerous health concerns at an early age. From these struggles, Michelle found the most relief using holistic medicine. Michelle’s quest to improve her and her son Michael’s health led her to study herbs and nutritional supplements for years before deciding to go to acupuncture school.

Michelle with son Michael


Michelle Steffens moved to Wisconsin to begin acupuncture school in 1999 at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. Michelle and Michael lived in Racine, WI, for three years while Michelle commuted to Chicago to attend acupuncture school. Michelle Graduated from Midwest College Magna Cum Laude in 2002 and moved with Michael to Madison, WI, to begin her career as an acupuncturist.

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Michelle Buchanan

Buchanan Wedding 2004


Michelle met her husband Page in 2002, shortly after moving to Madison, WI, and they married in 2004. Michelle’s second son, William Buchanan, was born soon after.

Michelle took on her husband’s name and built her career as an acupuncturist as Michelle Buchanan. Even though Michelle’s last name is now changed, she remains happily married to a supportive and loving husband.

Michelle founded Isthmus Acupuncture Center, LLC, in 2005, and it grew to be the largest acupuncture clinic in the Midwest. The community voted Michelle Buchanan as Madison’s favorite acupuncturist in 2015.

Michelle began teaching workshops and weekend retreats in 2013 and has been teaching for the E Lotus, the largest online continuing education provider for acupuncturists.

Michelle sold her clinic in 2016 to pursue the next phase of her career as an educator and author. Michelle’s passion for teaching is apparent to all her students and clients. Michelle continues to see clients in her Madison office.

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Madison’s Favorite Alternative Health Care Provider 2015-2106


Michelle Meramour

Michelle Meramour

Michelle Meramour


While delving into the writing and publishing process, Michelle learned of another successful author named Michelle Buchanan. The other Michelle Buchanan is a numerologist from New Zealand who publishes in the same genre, teaches workshops, and has a strong online presence.

A publishing agent strongly suggested Michelle change her name because of the potential confusion of having two educators and authors in the same genre with the same name. The other Michelle Buchanan was already well-established, and people regularly confused Michelle’s identity with this woman’s.

After careful consideration, Michelle and her husband decided to change her name from Michelle Suzy Buchanan to Michelle Suzy Meramour.

Meramour comes from the French language and means “sea of love,” which speaks to Michelle deeply and resonates with her core values. Anyone who knows Michelle finds this name fits her perfectly.

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