Michelle's Healing Journey

Our Founder's Personal Story

From a Childhood Disability, Skin Cancer, and Accidents by age 25 to Radiant Health

Michelle Meramour began her healing journey at age 19 after a car accident that required reconstructive jaw surgery.  Michelle was told she had the jaw joint of a seventy-year-old woman due to degeneration. Michelle has several family members with degenerative disc and bone disease. After watching her older brother undergo multiple back and neck surgeries, Michelle was determined to find a different solution. Since childhood, Michelle struggled with digestive difficulties, a congenital disability affecting her eyes, and a melanoma skin cancer spot at age 16. By age 20, she started to make major lifestyle changes, began taking nutritional supplements, getting regular chiropractic care, and receiving monthly massages.

At age 25, Michelle was involved in a head-on collision on a highway. The impact was over 100 mph, and she suffered a closed head injury that was misdiagnosed and improperly treated by western medicine. While on short-term disability, Michelle met an acupuncturist who said, “I think I can help you.” And within three acupuncture sessions, Michelle returned to work, and her chiropractic adjustments began holding for longer than a few days. MRIs after this accident confirmed no further bone or disc degeneration since the first accident at age 19. Michelle continued regular acupuncture for several years as her health steadily improved.

At age 29, Michelle left her successful accounting career to become an acupuncturist. She believed that helping others regain their health naturally would be the most rewarding career she could have. Michelle moved back to the Midwest from Clearwater, Florida, to attend acupuncture school in 1999. Michelle learned both classical Japanese-style and Chinese-style acupuncture and she responded exceptionally well to the Japanese-style treatments. While still in acupuncture school, Michelle began taking continuing education classes with the Japanese Master Kiiko Matsumoto.

At this time, Michelle was still suffering the effects of the closed head injury; severe insomnia, hot flashes, irregular heartbeat, unstable blood pressure, and mild stuttering. At a workshop taught by Kiiko, Michelle shared some of her symptoms, and Kiiko supervised a treatment that changed her life seven years after her accident. With just this one treatment, Michelle’s heart rate and blood pressure finally stabilized, and she stopped stuttering and stammering instantly.

While practicing acupuncture, Michelle was still searching for the root of her digestive problems and insomnia when she found functional medicine. Michelle attended several functional medicine workshops and discovered that her digestive problems resulted from an undiagnosed H-Pylori infection that her mother also tested positive for and several bacterial and fungal co-infections. Michelle used natural remedies to destroy the infections and food intolerance testing along with therapeutic-grade essential oils to help restore her digestive health.

Since embracing holistic medicine, Michelle has successfully healed from several accidents and supported her health while keeping up an active lifestyle and successful acupuncture practice. Michelle’s mission is to help others have a better quality of life using holistic medicine and Body-Feedback.