Acupuncture Training Membership

Learn Meramour’s Body-Feedback Style and Enhance Your Practice

Acupuncture training with the Meramour’s complete Body-Feedback system can transform your practice. Learn how to quickly diagnose meridian imbalances and offer a variety of effective treatment options. Your clients will feel measurable changes immediately and long-term sustainable results creating a healthy lifestyle based on their individual needs.

Using the Body-Feedback Techniques will allow you to choose the best supplements and essential oils for your clients. Your retail income and Young Living commissions with continue to grow with the loyal clients. Clients will be wisely purchasing only supplements they need and not feel overwhelmed with taking too many pills. You will be able to easily demonstrate the effectiveness of the meridian balancing and organ supporting blends and Young Living’s superior quality.

Referrals will come quickly from your new clients as they see immediate success. Young Living members always tell other members when they find a practitioner who knows how to effectively use the essential oils and products. Adding the Body-Feedback techniques to your practice will bring you proven success and prosperity while honoring the highest values and furthering the collective good.


Body-Feedback & Practice Management Basics   

Body-Feedback Meridian Balancing Theory

Body-Feedback Location Videos

Managing Your Schedule for Body-Feedback

The Initial Body-Feedback Appointment

Structuring Follow-up Appointments

Managing the Workflow and Inventory

Offering Young Living Wholesale Options

Using Practice Fusion Free Charting Software

Body-Feedback Style of Acupuncture  

Introduction to The Body-Feedback Style of Acupuncture

Meridian Balancing Treatment with Body-Feedback

Creating Powerful Acupuncture Treatments

Treating and adjusting for Inflamed Meridians

Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical Treatments

Face Up vs Face Down Treatments

Supporting Scalp and Facial Points

At Home Therapy with Magnets

Body-Feedback with Supplements, Chinese Herbs, & Essential Oils 

Meramour’s Meridian Balancing Blends

Meramour’s Organ Supporting Blends

Supplements by Trisection

Chinese Herbal Formulas by Trisection

Young Living Products by Trisection