Acupuncture Training Membership

Learn Meramour’s Body-Feedback Style and Enhance Your Practice

Training with Michelle Meramour’s Body-Feedback style of acupuncture can transform your practice within weeks. Your clients will feel measurable changes immediately and the long-term results are sustainable. Using Body-Feedback muscle testing with the acupuncture meridian system, your clients will create a healthy lifestyle based on their individual needs. 

Using the Body-Feedback Techniques, you will learn to quickly diagnose meridian imbalances and offer a variety of effective treatment options. With confidence, you will know how to choose the best supplements and essential oils for your clients.

Your retail income will continue to grow with the loyal clients who spending their health-care dollars wisely. You will be able to easily demonstrate the effectiveness of the meridian balancing and the organ supporting blends and determine which essential oils companies have superior quality.

Referrals will come quickly from your new clients as they see immediate success. Essential oil consumers always share with others when they find a practitioner who knows how to effectively use the essential oils and supplements. Adding the Body-Feedback techniques to your practice will bring you proven success and prosperity while honoring the highest ethical values.