Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself - Chinese Proverb

Educate yourself with Body-Feedback techniques for Self-Care and Healthcare Providers

Essential Oil Self-Care with Body-Feedback

As best said by Acupuncturist Bryn Clark at New Harmony Wellness in Beverly, Mass, “Self-care is the best form of health-care.”

When you understand the language your body speaks, optimal health and wellness are easily attainable. Body-Feedback is the language of acupuncture meridian system that has been used for thousands of years for over 25% of the worlds population. Body-Feedback with Essential Oils helps you determine which essential oils are beneficial for you and how they are affecting your meridian system. Knowing how to choose the best oils at any given moment to promote a better quality of life is easily attainable using Body-Feedback techniques.

Learn more about Body-Feedback self-care techniques with the upcoming book series:

  • Introduction to Essential Oil Self-Care with Body-Feedback
  • Essential Oil Self-Care for Digestive and Detoxification Support
  • Essential Oil Self-Care for Balancing the Immune System
  • Essential Oil Self-Care for Cycling Women’s Hormonal Support
  • Essential Oil Self-Care for Menopausal Women’s Hormonal Support
  • Essential Oil Self-Care for Men’s Hormonal Support
  • Essential Oil Self-Care for Pregnancy and Postpartum Support
  • Essential Oil Self-Care for Children and Teens
  • Essential Oil Self-Care for Emotional Health

Body-Feedback Self-Care workshops

Body-Feedback Self-Care Workshops are the perfect setting to both practice Body-Feedback techniques in a supervised setting and receive a Body-Feedback assessment by the instructor to ensure you are reading your body correctly.

Michelle Meramour teaches a variety of self-care workshops using different Body-Feedback techniques. Michelle with resume teaching self-care workshops upon completion of her book series and online classes. Check back for upcoming classes and dates.

Healthcare Continuing Education for the Practitioner

Michelle Meramour (was Buchanan) has been working exclusively with ELotus.org to provide online education for practitioners at this time. There are a variety of approved continuing education classes offered through ELotus.

Body-Feedback practitioner retreats create community and allow ample time for hands-on practice of this system. Three day retreats include:

  • Introduction to Body-Feedback for the Acupuncturist
  • Mastering the Immune System
  • Mastering the Endocrine System
  • Mastering Infertility and Pregnancy Care

Practitioner retreats will resume in 2018

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