Healthcare Professional Membership

Enhance Your Practice with Body-Feedback Techniques

The Healthcare Professional Membership is perfect for Functional Medicine Practitioners, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Mental Health Providers, and Yoga Instructors looking to integrate Young Living or Body-Feedback techniques into their practice. Proper planning along with using Meramour’s Body-Feedback techniques to choose the best supplements or essential oils can assure a smooth transition and move your practice in a position direction.  

Investing in your practice and educating yourself are the keys to success. Take the time to watch the videos below and then contact Michelle directly at to set up a 30-minute consultation to create an action plan tailored to your needs. Support is available to help you integrate Young Living and Body-Feedback into your practice.

Referrals will come quickly from your clients as they see immediate success. Young Living members always tell other members when they find a practitioner who knows how to effectively use the essential oils and products. Adding the Body-Feedback techniques to your practice will bring you proven success and prosperity while honoring the highest values and furthering the collective good.


Body-Feedback & Practice Management Basics

Body-Feedback Meridian Balancing Theory

Body-Feedback Location Videos

Managing the Workflow and Inventory

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Body-Feedback for Your Profession 

Chiropractors and Body-Feedback

Functional Medicine Providers and Body-Feedback

Massage Therapists and Body-Feedback

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