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Functional Medicine to Identify Your Weakest Link

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Health is a series of linked functions that keep us feeling strong and emotionally stable. Do you know what is your weakest functioning system in your body? Identifying and supporting your constitutional or genetic weaknesses with the help of functional medicine provides the strongest foundation as you journey through life.

What is functional medicine? It is the latest approach to holistic medicine, embraced by western-allopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, and holistic providers. Many chiropractors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists now incorporate a functional medicine approach into their practices.

Most notably, functional medicine relies on laboratory testing and questionnaires to identify weaknesses in body systems that challenge health. The latest technology in this field utilizes raw data from gene mutation testing offered through 23andME. Analysis of the data identifies genetic or inherited weaknesses in different systems of the body. Knowing how to best support your genetics can provide keys to a healthier lifestyle than your parents had. A variety of health concerns and optimal wellness can be addressed. Success is monitored using both questionnaires and laboratory testing.

Combining a functional medicine approach with Body-Feedback™ testing provides the ultimate experience in customized holistic healthcare.

Michelle Meramour

Michelle Meramour began studying functional medicine in 2007. She is considered a leader in her field for integrating her classical Japanese-style acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine with this latest form of holistic medicine. Michelle adapted her Body-Feedback testing methods to incorporate laboratory testing. Body-Feedback can further identify which nutritional supplements, Chinese herbs, and essential oils will support key systems in the body.  Michelle uses laboratory-style testing to confirm their effectiveness.

Most noteworthy is the success that Michelle has found using this well-rounded approach to complex health concerns and hidden stressors affecting the body.  By reducing outside factors that trigger unnecessary immune system responses and digestive complaints, clients report feeling better and an improved quality of life. Michelle’s Body-Feedback approach to identifying key supplements that test the most favorably, based on genetic weaknesses and laboratory testing, integrates the best of both approaches.

Know the best way to nourish your body, mind, and soul with Body-Feedback™

Body-Feedback Analysis

Body-Feedback techniques combined with functional medicine testing can help identify your weak links by analyzing the following systems:

  • The cardiovascular system
  • The circulatory system
  • The digestive system
  • The elimination system
  • The endocrine system
  • The immune system
  • The musculoskeletal system
  • The nervous system
  • The reproductive system
  • The respiratory system

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