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What does optimal health look like for you?

Are you looking to improve your quality of life?

Do you know if your current supplements and holistic treatments are working for you?

Are you interested in learning new methods for achieving and maintaining optimal health?

Consultations with Michelle Meramour can provide answers to these questions and more…

Working With You, Not For You

Michelle Meramour works with her clients both in-person and long-distance (via phone or Skype). All consultations include a detailed health history, review of any available recent laboratory tests, and an individualized treatment plan. Michelle makes recommendations with measurable healthcare goals. She bases diet and lifestyle recommendations on constitutional or genetic weaknesses and customizes them to work within your lifestyle.

Body-Feedback™ questionnaires focus on symptoms affecting the acupuncture meridian system. This helps identify root imbalances and effective treatment strategies. In addition to questionnaires, Michelle utilizes laboratory testing for complex health conditions or long-distance consultations.

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Contact us to begin the consultation process. We can review the testing options and ensure you have the proper test results or paperwork completed to make the most of your scheduled consultation time.

Depending on your individual needs, Michelle may recommend certain tests or an initial consultation to discuss your options.

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In-Person Consultations

In-person consultations and initial acupuncture sessions include Body-Feedback™ testing for essential oils, Chinese herbs, and nutritional supplements. Michelle only recommends the highest quality natural remedies and carefully combines those that test the best using Body-Feedback methods to achieve healthcare goals.

Long-Distance Consultations

Long-distance consultations include teaching Body-Feedback techniques for self-care to ensure your individualized treatment approach is working. Michelle will develop a customized testing protocol, along with recommended supplements based on your questionnaires or tests. Michelle is happy to collaborate with holistic healthcare providers and acupuncturists you may already be working with.

Any of the following functional medicine and laboratory testing options may be beneficial for your consultation with Michelle:

  • 23andME raw data from which Michelle can run gene mutation medical reports
  • Complete Blood Chemistry (CBC) with immune system differential
  • Lipid panel for cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Hormone and fertility testing
  • Thyroid testing including Free T3 and Free T4
  • Adrenal cortisol testing
  • Food intolerance testing
  • Stool testing for pathogens or digestive disfunctions

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