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Chinese Herbal Medicine Confirmed with Body-Feedback™ Testing

Chinese herbal formulas were developed thousands of years ago to address organ dysfunction and imbalances in the acupuncture meridian system. Chinese herbalists judiciously chose between four and twelve herbs that synergistically enhance each other to create powerful results. These classical herbal formulas have been used for literally thousands of years with exceptional results. Today we know them as “Chinese herbal medicine.”

Because Chinese herbal medicine and Body-Feedback testing address the exact same issues, they work together perfectly. When you choose a classical herbal formula based on constitutional weaknesses rather than individual symptoms, you maximize healing potential. Body-Feedback questionnaires along with palpation techniques confirm, on an individual basis, that the best herbal formulas are chosen.

How to test Chinese Herbal Formulas with Body-Feedback™

What makes an acupuncture point special is the fact that it is an area of low electrical resistance in the body. At these locations, the body can increase energy flow into the meridians to benefit cellular function.

In the upper abdomen there are seven meridians that run parallel with a concentration of acupuncture points. In addition, most of the other meridians cross over and meet in that same location. This creates a large area of low electrical resistance and allows for applied kinesiology-type testing to the Body-Feedback areas.

By placing the herbal formula directly on this large area of low electrical resistance, the practioner can look for shifts in the Body-Feedback areas. The body pulls in the frequency of the Chinese herbal medicine, thus affecting the meridian system.Favorable shifts indicate beneficial formulas. Herbal formulas that do not test well will not balance or benefit the meridian system for a healing response.

Chinese Herbal Medicine in Today's World

Chinese Herbal Medicine in Today’s World

Why use Body-Feedback Testing with Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal formulas generally contain six to twelve herbs. At times, one or two herbs in the formula may not agree with an individual. By checking the formula at the Body-Feedback areas, negative responses can be detected. Further investigation can then be done, testing the individual herbs within the formula.

Optimally, there will be three or four different formulas that could potentially strengthen and benefit one’s constitution. The herbal formula that tests most favorably using Body-Feedback methods will usually be the one that provides superior results. This enables healthcare dollars to be spent more efficiently–on the Chinese herbal medicine that benefits the most meridians and organs.

The quality of Chinese herbal formulas varies greatly as with other holistic remedies. Herbal formulas with higher quality raw materials will test more favorably than the identical formula with poor quality raw materials. Using Body-Feedback your body will tell you which brands and which raw materials are best for you.

Body-Feedback testing methods will also indicate when to rotate herbal formulas, based on timing of the menstrual cycle or time of day. Testing results can also confirm the best dosing schedule for Chinese herbal medicine.

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Chinese Herbal Medicinal Properties

Chinese herbal medicine is chosen based on the following energetic properties:

  • Exterior-releasing to support the immune system
  • Heat-clearing or blood cooling
  • Downward or draining to support elimination
  • Wind damp dispelling for pain conditions
  • Dampness transforming to support digestion
  • Dampness draining to release excess fluids
  • Interior-warming for cold conditions
  • Qi-regulating for pain that travels around
  • Dispersing food accumulation to support digestion
  • Stopping bleeding for blood that moves recklessly
  • Dispelling blood stasis for blood that is too sluggish or thick
  • Transforming phlegm and fatty nodules
  • Stopping coughing and calming wheezing
  • Spirit-quieting or Shen-calming to support emotional health
  • Calming the Liver and expelling wind for shaking or tremors
  • Supplementing or tonifying of qi, blood, yin, yang, or essence
  • Securing and holding for leakage of fluids or pregnancy