Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine

The connection through the energy almanac

Higher Vibrational Living through Astrology, Essential Oils, and Chinese Medicine

Both Chinese medicine and astrology believe the heavenly influences and seasonal changes affect both your physical and emotional health. Both systems focus on aligning with the energy patterns of the Earth and Sky to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit, with your environment to encourage self-healing, self-reflection, and positive changes. The ancient Chinese Energy Almanac corresponds the acupuncture meridian system with the planetary influences and the twelve major organs of the body with the seasonal cycle. The wisdom of these two systems come together in Higher Vibrational Living.

Higher Vibrational Living will bring a deeper understanding of both the obstacles and gifts influencing your life path.

This book will:

  • Help you to understand your life themes using your natal birth chart
  • Illuminate the challenges and vulnerabilities you have and become better aware of how to deal with them
  • Provide simple essential oil recipes that correspond with your astrological influences
  • Share information on acupressure points that can help you align with your strengthens based on your natal chart
  • Help you can increase your vibrational level to break free from old unhealthy patterns and to move into a higher level of consciousness

Using this book, and through working with astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, and these astrology oil blends, you will find a path to healing and personal transformation through increasing your self-awareness, raising your vibrational level and coming into balance and wholeness as you were designed to be.