Introduction to Body-Feedback

For Massage Therapy and Yoga

The Body-Feedback system provides the framework for you to communicate with the body, mind, and spirit using nonverbal language. By releasing resistance from the physical body, stored negative emotions are simultaneously released and a pathway for self-healing opens up by providing a clear connection to the higher-self.

The Body-Feedback techniques for massage therapy and yoga will enable you to choose the most effective essential oils and nutritional supplements to support muscular-skeletal health. Through balancing the acupuncture meridian system, you will increase the effectiveness of massage therapy and yoga and the results last longer.

Michelle checking meridians

Creating a lifestyle that supports the acupuncture meridian system encourages continual self-healing and cellular regeneration. I am excited to share with you the Body-Feedback system and hear how your health and the health of your clients improve.

Anyone interested in using the Body-Feedback system or learning more about it will find the information in Supporting Your Acupuncture Meridian System easy to read and easy to implement. Clients find this approach of integrating muscle testing with the acupuncture meridian system produces results and is reliable. Start your journey to sharing the wisdom of the body with your clients today.

Online class handouts to download

Body-Feedback for Massage Therapy and Yoga Class Notes

Massage and Yoga Body-Feedback Assessment Form

Basic Body-Feedback Assessment Form

Massage Therapy and Yoga Master Summary



Meramour’s Guide to Supporting the Acupuncture Meridian System is the required text for this online class series.

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Introduction to Massage Therapy and Yoga with Body-Feedback and Young Living






About the Introduction to Massage Therapy and Yoga with Body-Feedback and Young Living Videos


Part 1.1 Massage Therapy and Yoga with Body-Feedback and Young Living shares why adding these techniques will enhance your practice and improve muscular-skeletal health for both you and your clients. Learn the Chinese medical theory that creates a holistic approach to supporting the natural self-healing process. Understand how a healthy inflammatory cycle and specific hormones support regeneration of the nervous and muscular-skeletal systems. Experience for yourself the benefits of adding Body-Feedback and Young Living to your massage therapy and yoga practice.





Part 1.2 Massage Therapy and Yoga with Body-Feedback and Young Living explains how each acupuncture meridian influences the different systems of the body and specifically the muscular-skeletal system. Learn to correspond key times of the day and seasons of the year with imbalances in the meridian system that challenge health and the self-healing process. Astrological influences for each meridian are also highlighted.