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Share Young Living Because You Care

The Business Building Membership will help you effectively share Young Living. Most people are naturally enthusiastic to share the benefits they are receiving by adding Young Living essential oils and products to their daily life. Everyone shares Young Living with the intention to help others improve their quality of life. Some see opportunities to supplement their income for vacations or purchasing products. Others see the business opportunities that Young Living in combination with network marketing offers. Whatever your reason for sharing Young Living, the Business Building Membership teaches network marketing skills and a better understanding of the business side of Young Living.



Enrolling New Members 

Different Ways to Share Young Living

Offering Home Parties

Offering Introductory Workshops

Answering Healthcare Questions

What’s So Essential About Essential Rewards


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Professional & Personal Development 

Business Building Tips

Hosting a Study Group

Hosting Educational Workshops

Personal Development in Network Marketing

Structuring Your Downline Organization

Supporting Your Downline with Social Media

Helpful Resources for Personal Development

Business Essentials 

Understanding the Compensation Plan

Understanding the Benefits of Being a Business Builder

Commercial Speech Versus Free Speech

Moving Members and Cross-Line Recruiting