Overcome Infertility with Body-Feedback Style Treatments

Not all acupuncture is created equal!

A friend recommended Isthmus Acupuncture and Michelle Buchanan to me almost a year before I made my first appointment there. I waited because I had already tried acupuncture for fertility through my HMO, having gone weekly for over 8 months where every appointment was the same—the needles placed in the same places and no results.  The acupuncturist at my HMO assumed I’d be an “easy case” but estimated it would take more than a year to achieve pregnancy. Discouraged, I gave it up assuming acupuncture was not the answer to our fertility issues.

What I didn’t know then is that not all acupuncture is created equal!  Had I known then what I know now, I never would’ve waited!  After all those “other” acupuncture appointments plus two failed fertility treatments (and many dollars down the drain), I realized that I needed something else…something more holistic. I finally scheduled my appointment at Isthmus Acupuncture, and happily it took Michelle and team just 1 month to help me achieve pregnancy. The very first month! After 2 years of trying! I was stunned, and this was no coincidence. Their style of acupuncture was unlike the acupuncture I had had before. They analyzed everything from my monthly cycle to my diet and lifestyle to my emotional state. From that they recommended some minor diet modifications, 2 well-timed Mayan abdominal massages and 1 acupuncture appointment. When I saw the positive pregnancy test that first month, I was overjoyed! But, I also couldn’t help but think of all those months of heartache and worries I could’ve saved myself had I booked an appointment sooner. Don’t wait like I did!

I am continuing to see them now that I am through my first trimester. Each time I go, they reassess how I’m doing and what my body needs so they can tailor my treatment accordingly.  I am continually recommending them to my family and friends for all types of ailments, not just fertility issues. I realize hindsight is 20/20, so if this review can do one thing I hope it encourages others to give Isthmus Acupuncture a try sooner than later…because not all acupuncture is created equal!

Jill Adams



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