Supervised Training

Body-Feedback Workshops

Body-Feedback Workshops

Body-Feedback workshops provide the perfect opportunity for everyone to learn Body-Feedback techniques in a supervised setting. For those new to Body-Feedback or palpation-based techniques, the Self-Care Workshops are the best place to start. Experiencing the daily benefits of Body-Feedback with essential oils has the greatest impact on improving the quality of life. As said by Acupuncturist Bryn Clark, “Self-care is the best form of healthcare!”


Self-Care Workshops

Self-care workshops are designed for both essential oils consumers and licensed healthcare providers. How can you help another before your help yourself? Self-Care workshops teach you how to know what your body needs for essential oil support at any given time by learning to listen to your body. When you feel better, you can then help your family and friends to have a better quality of life embracing essential oils.

Licensed healthcare providers are strongly encouraged to take the self-care workshops to understand how to best support their health and how to teach this system to their clients. As a healthcare provider, self-care is often overlooked, but it is most important.


Weekend Retreats

Weekend workshops for licensed healthcare providers focus on supporting key systems of the body and provide the perfect setting for full immersion in the Body-Feedback system. They are tailored to healthcare providers are limited to between 12 and 18 registrants to allow for everyone to have ample direct supervision with Michelle and receive a complete assessment, treatment, and follow-up plan if desired. Extensive anatomy and physiology is required for these workshops.

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