How to Use Myrrh Essential Oil

Physical benefits of myrrh essential oil

Myrrh essential oil has been cited in several texts for its healing effects since the ancient times. Recent studies are focusing on the anticancer properties of myrrh and the use in skincare and cosmetics. Myrrh resin has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a blood mover and pain reducer. Myrrh essential oil is robust and is best used in small amounts and added to other essential oil blends.*

Myrrh essential oil has an affinity for supporting the deeper layers of the immune system, and many people find this oil beneficial for sustaining energy and vitality when dealing with long-term immune system challenges. Multiple studies have shown myrrh holds anticancer properties anyone looking to support their cancer treatments and should have the use of this or any essential oil approved by a western Medical Doctor.*

Myrrh essential oil benefits hormones for both men and women. Adding a few drops to an organic lotion and applying over the lower abdomen can support a healthy menstrual cycle and sex drive for both men and women.*

Not only is myrrh essential oil beneficial for the inside of the body, but it also gives the skin a youthful glow and may help benefit liver spots associated with excessive sun exposure. Myrrh essential oil is a nourishing substance that many find it helps with hair loss or thining associated with the normal aging process. Adding a drop or two of myrrh essential oil to a scalp moisturizer or a hair mask will directly support and benefit the hair follicles.*

Myrrh essential oil

Emotional benefits of myrrh essential oil

Because of the high concentration of sesquiterpenes that have an affinity for the brain, myrrh essential oil easily supports emotional health and brain function. Myrrh is a restorative essential oil that promotes longevity and healthy aging of the body, mind, and spirit. Adding a few drops to an organic nighttime moisturizer will help renew both your skin and your outlook on life.*

In Chinese medicine, myrrh has an affinity for the Ren Mai, also known as the conception vessel, and supports both fertility and creativity. Include a few drops of myrrh along with your other essential oil blends and using to enhance meditation, creativity, and productivity.*

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Myrrh essential oil research articles:

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A Korean study demonstrated an increase in beneficial nitric oxide and no toxicity in groups using myrrh, sandalwood, and palmarosa essential oils

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A study shows the composition and anticancer activities of myrrh essential oil were superior to frankincense for specific tumor cell lines

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