How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil

Physical benefits of rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil enhances blood flow and nutrients to the brain that benefits memory, clearer thinking, and increase alertness. Diffuse or dilute a few drops and apply on the back of the neck and temples before accomplishing a significant amount of work requiring creativity and focus. Because of it’s circulatory and regenerative benefits, rosemary essential oil is known to promote hair growth by applying a few diluted drops directly to the scalp or add a few drops to an organic conditioner in the shower.*

Rosemary essential oil opens nasal passages and supports the immune and respiratory systems. In general, this essential oil is well tolerated with long-term use due to the high antioxidant capacity. Including small amounts of this oil with a citrus essential oil on a daily basis encourages a healthy lifestyle and longevity.*

If the FDA and the manufacturer approve the brand rosemary oil for internal use, the possibilities for this oil are bountiful. Cooking with rosemary oil brings the added benefits and flavor to salad dressings, marinades, sauces, and stir fry. When grilling, add a few drops to a homemade marinade to offset the negative health concerns of carcinogens associated with grilling. Most people think of this plant for cooking, but it’s health uses are astonishing!*

Rosemary essential oil

Emotional benefits of rosemary essential oil

In Chinese medicine, rosemary oil uplifts the mood and spirit by releasing emotional blockages and moving the Liver Qi. By releasing Liver Qi stagnation, you can quickly clear feelings of frustration and irritability. Rosemary oil nurtures the positive emotional expression of both the liver and gallbladder, which are moving freely and carefully towards your goals. Starting your day with a few drops of rosemary oil promotes willpower and proper planning while stimulating the body, mind, and spirit.*

One of Michelle’s favorite affirmations to say in the morning is, “Today the universe rewards me for my positive mental attitude.” Applying a few drops of rosemary essential oil to the soles of the feet in the morning along with this affirmation will have you reaping rewards in unexpected ways.*

*Statements in this paragraph have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Always discuss with your medical doctor before using any alternative medicines, natural supplements, or vitamins. All information and content provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to substitute advice given by a pharmacist, physician, or other licensed health-care professional. This information is not intended to treat or diagnose a health problem or disease.

Rosemary essential oil research articles:

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