How to Use Myrtle Essential Oil

Physical benefits of myrtle essential oils

Myrtle (Myrtus Communis) essential oil powerfully clears lymphatic congestion and blocked energy from both the respiratory and reproductive systems, including the sinuses, lungs, prostate, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Stagnation and blockages in the reproductive organs can occur when toxins in the environment mimic natural estrogens in the body and clog hormone the receptor sites. These hormone-like toxins can linger for long periods creating havoc through the body.*

Diluting myrtle essential oil and applying over the lower abdomen and liver for a few days every month will help support the release of old used hormones and toxins that mimic hormones. Women who are getting a regular menstrual cycle will find this oil most effective when used during the menstrual period. Men and menopausal women will find this oil most effective when combined with a monthly detoxification protocol.*

Myrtle essential oil promotes the downward movement of fluids to support kidney and bladder functions. By helping a healthy inflammatory response, myrtle oil can clear the fluid congestion associated with the self-healing process.*

Myrtle essential oil has an affinity for the thyroid. This oil is one of the top essential oils when dealing with a sluggish or congested thyroid. Myrtle oil will help harmonize the immune system and the endocrine system, including the thyroid, which is often the target of a challenged immune system.*

myrtle essential oil

Emotional benefits of myrtle essential oil

Mental and emotional health is directly related to hormonal balance. By helping to cleanse old hormones from the cellular receptor sites, myrtle essential oil encourages a fresh outlook on life by releasing old toxic thought patterns. Adding this oil to a monthly detoxification protocol promotes the release of cellular memories of negative and self-limiting thought patterns allowing your spirit to feel renewed.*

In Chinese medicine, the Liver Qi controls the energy flow and life-force both throughout the body and into the world. Myrtle harmonizes the Liver Qi encouraging healthy relationships with those in your immediate environment and community. Diffusing this myrtle in combination with other harmonizing oils in the house will promote healthy and constructive interaction between family members and roommates.*

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Myrtle essential oil research articles:

Research shows that myrtle essential oil inhibits inflammation by reducing interleukin-6

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A study shows that myrtle essential oil has antimicrobial properties against gingivitis

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