Meramour’s Guide to

The Body-Feedback Acupuncture System

Mastering the basics with Michelle Meramour’s Body-Feedback style of acupuncture

Body-Feedback is a complete treatment style and a new approach to holistic medicine based on direct communication with your client’s body through muscle testing the acupuncture meridian system. Body-Feedback utilizes unique acupoint combinations to balance the five elements, harmonize the meridian system, and strengthen organ function to effectively address the root of health challenges. Palpatory findings will reveal the critical diagnostic information and provide you with muscle testing steps to choose the most effective essential oils, Chinese herbs, and nutritional supplements.

Allowing the client’s body to communicate with you changes the focus of your practice from alleviating individual symptoms to whole-body wellness. Your clients will experience long-lasting improvements, which build a foundation of communication and trust. This book, with its step-by-step instructions and specific case studies, enables you to confidently interact with your clients on a deeper level to direct the healing process. The Body-Feedback approach can empower your acupuncture practice rises above the expectations for your business

Meramour’s Guide to the Body-Feedback Acupuncture System

“Michelle Meramour has created a must-read for anyone seeking to master the potential of natural medicine. Every acupuncture student would benefit from the practical application and deep understanding of the Chinese medical theory and point combinations explained by the Body-Feedback system. You will radiate with confidence from the clarity of diagnosis and near-magical treatments that result from learning Body-Feedback!” — Tim Walsh, Licensed Acupuncturist, Qi Gong and Meditation Instructor


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Meramour’s Guide is an imprint of Body-Feedback for Health, LLC.

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