Category: Self-Care Class Testimonial

Body-Feedback Blows My Mind by Jan

“WOW, WOW and WOW.  This class blew my mind. It was amazing to learn another way to determine what oils to use for the body ailments and your own body is telling you that.  Michelle is a dynamic and very caring person.  Her energy just flowed throughout the classroom.  So I think my favorite thing about the class was Michelle herself.” – Jan Erhart Introduction to Body-Feedback with Essential Oils 

Healthy Pregnancy with Essential Oils by PatAnn

“Before I knew I was even pregnant, my face started to break-out and I was having other hormonal issues. I saw Michelle and she tested essential oils for me that I used on my face and it cleared up immediately! And I also used them to help with stretch marks, inhaled them to help with morning sickness, and they helped drastically with my mood. As I was nearing the end of my first trimester, I started to have headaches. Michelle helped me to understand it was to be expected and tested other oils to balance my system. I can’t imagine going through a pregnancy without the oils. They made a huge difference in enjoying and supporting my pregnancy!” – PatAnn St. Germain

Self-Care Testimonial Hormones Jamie

“Body-Feedback with essential oils has really helped me balance my hormones.  It is so self-empowering to be able to test myself and instantly feel changes in my mood and physical tension. It really works and it takes just a few minutes to figure out which oils are right for you at any given time.” Jamie M. Healy

Self-Care for Better Blood Sugar Levels by Molly

“I just wanted to say thank you again for you help and suggestions with the essential oils.  I have been doing what you suggested and for the past week my blood sugars have been under control and I have not had a single test over 200!!!!  Which is AMAZING for me!!!!   Thank you again for helping me get my health under control.  Words can not express my gratitude.”  – Molly Evans