The Magic of Body-Feedback by Marin

What Michelle has uncovered through the Body-Feedback approach is magic in the best sense of the word. Magic that has the ability to change your life through direct communication with your body. Michelle has tapped in to the body’s secret language and is able to ‘ask’ each unique body exactly what its specific needs are.

The results I experienced through Michelle’s method were immediate. After 9 years of ‘throwing a dart in the dark’ with both Western and Eastern medicine, Michelle was able to make sense of the cause of my infertility during our first visit. And the results from Body-Feedback didn’t just make for another theory, the proof was in the pudding because by our second meeting, I was pregnant.

When I sat down with Michelle at the first meeting I had already been to two previous acupuncturists and a few fertility experts. The acupuncturists prescribed countless Chinese herbal blends, a variety of vitamins and probiotics, a few different essential oils, and recommended a few diet changes. Whenever I would go back for my regularly scheduled sessions and there was no progress, a new herb or vitamin was suggested. So after a few visits, my days consisted of ingesting one or more Chinese herbal teas two or more times a day, 4 or more vitamins 2 or more times a day, probiotics 2 or more times a day, applying essential oils two or more times a day, and on and on. It was exhausting. And when asked, the practitioner couldn’t provide a definitive of how my treatments were progressing. So eventually, I was worn out and had to cease my treatments. A little while later I tried going to a second acupuncturist at a different practice and it was a similar story. Western medicine was no different. I did all the tests, did several rounds of hormonal therapy and two sessions of IUI with zero results and even less feedback. “Unexplained Fertility” was all I heard.

This can be looked at as good because at least I didn’t have anything ‘wrong’ with me. However, although I was willing to keep plodding on, I was running out of options of therapies to explore and time was no longer on my side.

So when I was recommended to Michelle by my physician, I was hesitant but willing to sit down with her. After all, I had nothing to lose and was familiar with her reputation in the community as a top acupuncturist. I was not aware of the Body-Feedback process but during our first meeting I shared my frustrations with her and without hesitation Michelle assured me that treatment with her would be different than my previous treatments and I would get the immediate feedback and definitive progress report I had been vying for the past nine years.

On and off for years I had been seeing a chiropractor for an issue on my neck/upper back not realizing that issue could be tied to my infertility. However, after Michelle explained the hormone pyramid and how my neck issue directly tied to the base of the pituitary and hypothalamus base of the pyramid, and then when I was able to feel the tightness release while inhaling a certain essential oil blend, I knew she was on to something. My body spoke.

Marin Haning

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