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Weight Loss and Improved Digestion

During our intake and assessment, Michelle and I agreed that my GI system did not function normally. Previously, I had seen multiple GI specialists who all agreed that I was either stressed out or I just needed to take large doses of stimulants. I had undergone a colonoscopy and other studies, which did not reveal a problem. The specialist suggested increasing the medication dose to up to 4 times the amount as previous ordered. Michelle suggested a different approach. She advised me to try food intolerance testing. This is a test that analyzes how someone’s body breaks down food products for energy. My results indicated that a variety of foods I had been eating daily, I was actually intolerant to. I wasn’t able to break the foods down for energy and in turn was plugging up my GI system and over working my liver. This contributed to unwanted weight gain regardless of my healthy eating and daily exercise routine. The test showed that I was severely intolerant to oats, which is found in bread, granola bars, cereal, energy bars, etc. I followed the recommendations for six weeks and lost 10lbs without making any other lifestyle changes.”

Kristie P., Madison, WI

Body-Feedback Gave Us Our Daughter Back

When you hear your child tell you, “I can’t live like this,” it’s time to try something else. After blood tests, bone scans, x-rays, and medication that didn’t help, we came to Michelle for an alternative opinion on what could help our daughter ‘live’ again. We left our first appointment with a sense of hope and within three months we had our funny, active, cheerful daughter back. Thank you.

Body-Feedback Tells What is Needed

Michelle takes time to get to know you and understand your symptoms and how best to help you. There’s no Band-Aid approach. A lot has to do with what we eat. When she determined my gluten-intolerance, I was surprised at how quickly my body reacted! It was almost as if my body was saying, “Thank you for finally not eating wheat/gluten anymore!” As for the acupuncture, whenever I leave after a treatment, I feel mentally, physically, and spiritually better. I don’t know how else to describe it. I will never go anywhere else for treatment.

Fuller, Thicker Hair

For fuller, thicker hair try a homemade hair mask:

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 20 dops frankincense
  • 15 drops lavender
  • 5 drops myrrh

Massage into scalp and comb through tips of hair. Allow to set overnight. Sleep with a towel over your pillow, and rinse or shampoo in the morning.

Add a Punch to Apples

Did you know you can add a punch to your apples, while keeping them from oxidizing too quickly?

Just add 2 drops of lime or 1 drop of cinnamon per apple to the bottom of a glass bowl. Then add the cut apple slices. Make sure to “toss” the apples so the oil covers them evenly and enjoy.

Body-Feedback Acupuncture Is The Best

What I didn’t know then is that not all acupuncture is created equal! Had I known then what I know now, I never would’ve waited! After all those “other” acupuncture appointments plus two failed fertility treatments (and many dollars down the drain), I realized that I needed something else something more holistic. I finally scheduled my appointment with Michelle and after just one month achieved pregnancy. The very first month! After 2 years of trying! I was stunned, and this was no coincidence. Their style of acupuncture was unlike the acupuncture I had had before. They analyzed everything from my monthly cycle to my diet and lifestyle to my emotional state. – Jill A., Madison, WI

Remarkable Results with Body-Feedback Acupuncture

Michelle is amazing! In Michelle’s holistic approach to healing, she takes into account your diet and lifestyle, and makes recommendations according to the signals that your body gives her. Since making the changes that she suggested, I literally feel like a new person. The acupuncture sessions are equally personalized, and the results are incredible ­ I leave feeling refreshed, mentally and physically balanced, and happy. Let me describe one of the most remarkable results of acupuncture. I had chronic pain in my jaw since I was 26, and thought that it was something that I would have to live with or treat with strong painkillers. Since the first session, Michelle, using acupuncture, completely alleviated my jaw pain ­ I find myself more attentive and focused in other areas of my life in absence of pain! I am so thankful to be in Michelle’s care!

I started seeing Michelle Buchanan after having almost 2 years of actively trying to get pregnant. I am otherwise healthy, but have a chronic inflammatory condition that Michelle believed influenced my fertility chances. After 6 weeks of consistent treatments with Michelle, I got pregnant with our son. I continued treatments throughout my pregnancy, and my son was born on time and perfectly healthy.

Kristie P., Madison, WI