Allergies and Chronic Sinusitis Improved with Acupuncture

I decided to try acupuncture with Michelle Buchanan for my diffuse symptoms that Western medicine was not resolving well.  At my first meeting I was so pleased to have her understand my complaints and feel confident that she could heal my chronic sinus reactions to foods and pollen, gastric pain, fatigue with lots of sleeping, and my loss of libido. After talking to her at each visit, I feel filled with hope. That in itself is worth the price! Being understood and hopeful are in themselves so healing! My feelings of trust and safety and belief in the treatments is so enhanced by Michelle’s ability to communicate what needs to heal and how the treatment will help the healing in Western medicine terms as that is the society I live in and concepts I understand. It also helps me feel willing to explain my treatment to friends and colleagues in Western terms as I know they will be skeptical. I have tried to understand Oriental concepts and have found it so difficult given my education in Western sciences. Terrell Brock

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