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Would you like to know what your body is trying to tell you when you feel discomfort or tension?
What supplements does your body need to best support your constitutional weaknesses and genetics?
These answers can only come from within, and Michelle Meramour’s Body-Feedback techniques will help you reveal them.

Michelle Meramour’s Philosophy is Simple:

  • Identify and remove as many limitations to self-healing as possible.
  • Support the body with a minimal amount of key supplements that address constitutional weaknesses and organ dysfunction.
  • Utilize a combination of acupuncture and essential oils to enhance the meridian system and promote self-healing.
  • Maintain optimal health by recognizing the early warning signs that indicate compromised health.

Michelle believes in the body’s inherent wisdom to know what it needs to self-heal and promote longevity through optimizing the acupuncture meridian system. Michelle’s Body-Feedback system can diagnose meridian imbalances, organ dysfunctions, and different types of pathogenic heat, along with identifying the best acupuncture point prescriptions, essential oils, and supplements to promote healing.

Discovering which factors are challenging health provides a clear path to self-healing. Healthcare crises often result from the perfect storm of multiple factors, including:

  • Genetic weaknesses and gene mutations.
  • Chronic stress from work or family situations.
  • Digestive flora imbalances due to current farming and food practices.
  • Exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metals, and xenoestrogens (plastics that mimic estrogen in the body).
  • Pathogenic heat from infections, toxins, food choices, hormonal imbalances, or unhealthy emotions.
  • Trauma or overuse injuries.

The Body-Feedback acupuncture system integrates frequency testing, essential oils, and functional medicine to identify the above factors that affect health. Strengthening organ function and balancing the meridian system prepares the body, mind, and spirit to deal with unexpected situations that can compromise health.