Infertility Resolved with Acupuncture and ALCAT by Kate

After struggling with infertility for 5 years and having a failed IVF cycle with a prognosis of low egg quality I decided to commit myself to improving my overall health and sought the help of acupuncture. I did some research on Madison providers and found a news report on Michelle Buchanan, Isthmus Acupuncture, and her work with women trying to conceive. When I met with Michelle she recommended bi-weekly acupuncture sessions to help with the “balancing of my pulses” as well the use of oils. In addition, she suggested that I have a “food sensitivity” test done using the ALCAT to find out if my diet was a contributing factor to the infertility. The ALCAT was simple and I discovered that there were a few things that I had intolerance to. The most significant “sensitivity” was to cow’s milk. I removed cow’s milk from my diet and followed my sensitivity chart. I also applied essential oils nightly and maintained regular acupuncture sessions. Within a few weeks I was feeling healthier and after four months I discovered I was pregnant. I continued to watch my diet and visit Michelle and at age 39 I was able to have a very normal and routine pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby girl with no complications. I continue to watch my diet and have removed cow’s milk and have discovered that old digestive problems have almost totally disappeared and I feel healthy and strong. – Kate

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